Crushing Corporate Book

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We’ve all read the stats and they’re not great! 50% of small businesses don’t make it to 5 years. 90% of tech startups will fail. Yet many new to the workforce and seasoned corporate professionals will yearn to take the plunge dreaming of entrepreneurship. Many will waste years in a corporation in a holding pattern instead of using the time in a corporation learning how to build one. Did you know that the average age of most successful entrepreneurs is 40 with at least 6 years industry experience? What if instead of pushing people to become entrepreneurs first, we enabled professionals to be better corporate entrepreneurs’ aka intrapreneurs – would the results be more successful entrepreneurs? The objective of this book is to change the perspective on working in a corporation and provide guidance on how to begin acting and thinking like an entrepreneur while working in a corporation. Reading this book will help you: • Understand the role people with corporate experience have played in some of the most successful Unicorn startups like Facebook and Google. • Consider the role adequate corporate experience plays in getting VC funding and credibility. • Hear about how traditional “learning the ropes” has impacted the careers of people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Oprah Winfrey, Jay-z, Jeff Bezos and Howard Shultz. • Learn about the types of companies that prepare employees to lead other companies • Compare the success rates of Corporate Entrepreneurship vs. Startups Because the book will: • Provide practical knowledge on the skills and practices to adopt to become an intrapreneur. • Delve into examples of companies that have formal corporate entrepreneurship programs and their impact. • Provide guidance on when to know you are ready to become an entrepreneur